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News and announcements

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Aug. 2023. New Members 

ABLE welcomes Lian, Sang Yeon, and Taekyoung as our new graduate students!
ABLE also welcomes Seunghun and Nina as our new URP and exchange students 
We also took group photos and had a welcoming dinner
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May 2023. New Member 

ABLE welcomes Yongha as our new graduate student!
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Apr. 2023. Party

We had the first ABLE strawberry party under the cherry blossoms!
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Feb 2023. New Members 

ABLE group starts. ABLE welcomes Myeoungeun and Changho as our new graduent and URP students!

Jimin will join the KAIST as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in Jan 2023. Super excited !!
Before 2023

Jimin received the "MRS graduate student award" at 2022 MRS spring conference [Link].

Jimin received the "Peake research prize in MIT and Harvard" [Link]

Jimin was selected as one of the 20 rising stars from the Mcgoven Institute of Brain Research [Link]

Jimin's work on "electrosynthesis of neurotransmitters inside the brain" was published in Nature Nanotechnology [Link]

Jimin's work on "orthopedic implants releasing biochemical signals" was published in Angewandte Chemie [Link]

Jimin's work on "water oxidation catalysts mimicking natural enzymes" was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society [Link]
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